WE MISS WHITE BOY R&B - A Playlist From Chamomile Tea

I get it. We’re in a weird political time. But let’s all agree that we miss when white boys were ethnic. I mean, you see it with our white fave, Justin Timberlake. Future Sex/Love Sounds will forever be his magnum opus. Let’s all go back to a simpler time when we let Jesse McCartney say “G Fly G Fly.” The both of us along with this episode’s special guest Mikey Levitt have pulled together a little playlist to celebrate white excellence in R&B.


Robin Thicke - Wanna Love You Girl
EXPLANATION: Pharrell is consistently giving these white boys the soul they need to prosper on urban radio. The Hype Williams video did it too.

New Kids On The Block - Single
EXPLANATION: Remember the NKOTB comeback with Ne-Yo? Lol

Elliott Yamin - Wait For You
EXPLANATION: I forced my piano teacher to teach me how to play this song.

Eamon - Fuck It (I Don’t Want You Back)
EXPLANATION: My sister used to love this song in elementary. Now that I’m going back… Chi Chi, you going through something?

Robin Thicke - Sex Therapy
EXPLANATION: Don’t judge me—I know this is my second Robin Thicke track. I know he has a big dick from this song alone. I just wish he was faithful.


Jesse McCartney - Leavin'
EXPLANATION: As I mentioned multiple times on this program, Justin McCartney introduced the concept of sex for me.

Colby O’Donis - What You Got
EXPLANATION: Technically speaking, he is only half white, but he still gave us a hit and a great guitar breakdown.

Bobby Caldwell - What You Won't Do For Love
EXPLANATION: Real talk, I thought Bobby Caldwell was black for about nineteen years until I saw the music video of him singing his white ass face off.

JC Chasez - Blowin’ Me Up With Her Love
EXPLANATION: We let JC flop because this song was ahead of its time. Vocals + Dance + White Boy = A TIMELESS BOP.

Justin Timberlake - Until the End of Time
EXPLANATION: Best song that JT used to end his album Future Sex/Love Sounds. White excellence at its FINEST.  


Justin Timberlake - Señorita
EXPLANATION: Say what you want about him now, but when this song definitely contributed to my sexual awakening. Come back JT.

Jesse McCartney - Shake
EXPLANATION: Dreamstreet who? Jesse may have been all cute with his T-Pain feature but he became a man when he dropped Shake on us.

Nick Lachey - What’s Left of Me
EXPLANATION: We always forget about this absolute bop of a song. If you didn’t cry to this on your bathroom song while wearing a tie dye shirt, did you really live?

New Kids On The Block - Step By Step
EXPLANATION: In the theme of my love for boy bands, these new kids walked into the music step and made a point with this song. The harmonies, the moves, the outfits. Complete perfection.

James Bay - Hold Back the River
EXPLANATION: Is this R&B? No. Does the man have soul? Absolutely. Just listen to his voice.

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