Episode 4 Recap: "Issa Hive"

What up you butter lickin good bitches! IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN...THE CHAMOMILE TEA RECAP. For this week’s episode, we wanted to unpack little things that kept us moving. With that being said, this week’s episode is a lot shorter than usual. We want to bring you guys the most fresh content we could give, but not with the two hour episodes. That being said… here is the recap.

BEY Information News

For this week, we spent half of the episode discussing our favorite person in the world, Ms. Beyonce Giselle Knowles - Carter. Mrs. Carter is enjoying her maternity leave by taking care of her beautiful children, enjoying power lunches with her husband Jay-Z, and roller skating in L.A with her new thickness. Oh, but don’t get it twisted, Mrs. Carter is rumored to have multiple major deals on the table. While the Hive seeks substance during this BEY-hydration, we still see our favorite powerhouse diva planning to make her empire better and bigger.

Houston Rockets

According to a news report from Bloomberg, there is a rumor that Beyonce is interested buying a stake for the NBA Houston Rockets. The rumor was sparked from the recent announcement that  current owner, Les Alexander, is selling the basketball team. It is reported that the starting price for the team is around $2 Billion, and though our Queen is not near that billionaire mark (yet…), Beyonce’s name has been circulating around major sports publications for an interest stake for the Rockets. If anything, we believe that this would be a  groundbreaking move if Beyonce moves forward having a stake with the Houston Rockets. Not only would the Houston Rockets would benefit from Beyonce’s popularity, but it would also add multiple levels to Beyonce’s empire by being a Black woman owning a part of an NBA team. We see no harm in this, and anything, we wish Beyonce to move forward so we can start rocking some Houston Rockets gear.


The Lion King Remake

Rumors about Beyonce’s involvement for the voice of  Nala for the Disney’s Lion King remake have been circulating all this year. However, it seems that the Bey Hive Team, a twitter account that Ton trusts and Angie is iffy about, have reported that not only is Beyoncé in final negotiations to play Nala in the remake, but she will also reportedly produce the film's African-inspired soundtrack in full.

With this information, we discuss about the importance of her involvement, if she agrees to take on the $25 million salary and producing credit. We dive deeper into Beyonce’s blackness, and her ability to use her identity into her career and future projects. We also dig deeper to her implicit black identity throughout her career, and debunk her credits stating that her image was far away from her black identity. We also imagine the sounds for the Lion King soundtrack by going into her scrapped Fela Kuti inspired album, and her other samples of African music. However, this is still a rumor, but we are still on our toes for any news. If Beyonce joins the cast, she will be joining an already star-studded cast including Donald Glover as Simba, James Earl Jones reprising his role as Mufasa, Billy Eichner and Seth Rogen as Timon and Pumba, and John Oliver as Zazu. 


Issa Hive vs. Lawrence Hive - Our love for HBO’s Insecure

We wanted to take the time and discuss the acclaimed HBO Insecure. Holy god we love the show. Angie is a major fan girl, and Ton is now catching up from the hype of this show, so we had a lot to say about it. Season two just premiered three weeks ago, and we had the time to discuss major plot lines. Our major question was, are you Issa Hive or Lawrence Hive. However, we should point out that the greatness of this show doesn’t spin about teams, but the exclusivity of black life that is shown on screen. Not only does the show highlight the transforming neighborhood of Inglewood, CA, but it also showcases black life doesn’t have to revolve on extreme black trauma. Angie points out in the episode that Issa Rae has always discussed about the love life of Black women in America in her work before Insecure, so here are key examples of Rae’s work that pinpoints the source material of the show.

Song (s) of the Week



Jay-Z’s Moonlight: 




SZA’s The Weekend

Femi Kuti Beng Beng Beng

See y’all next time! 

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