Episode 6 Recap: "Whitelash"

Hello to all the bad bitch flakes out there. IT IS TIME ONCE AGAIN FOR THE CHAMOMILE TEA EPISODE RECAP! In the relationship to the troubling events that occurred this past week, we promise you that we will try to give our best enthusiasm. Even if we are spiraling down a dark hole filled with neo-nazis and white terrorism. *emoji shrug*  

Let’s get to it.


For this week’s weary, we have nothing but just heartbreaking news that literally made our heads turn. If you haven’t read the news, In Charlottesville, Virginia, then clearly you are living under a rock. On August 4th, white supremacists gathered near University of Virginia, to march with tiki torches. White nationalist organizer Jason Kessler announced months ago that he would “Unite the Right” against the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee from Emancipation Park in downtown Charlottesville. The white supremacists during that evening fought with counterdemonstrators and encircled student activits who held a line at the statue of Thomas Jefferson. The supremacists also were chanting the Nazi slogan “blood and soil” and also the Klu Klux Klan mantra “You will not replace us!”

The conflict later continued later on that weekend with multiple physical encounters with counter protesters/ BLM. Matters got worse when a 20 year old James Alex Fields plowed his car into a crowd of counter protesters, leaving nine pedestrians injured, and a 32-year old woman killed.

As well, here is the Vice News documentary we discussed in this episode as well

uring our episode, articulating our thoughts on these extreme and violent racist behavior made us angry, concerned, and also defeated. However, we do understand that our country was in this state of despair and denial, even before the arrival of the Trump administration. Our goal is to keep commenting on these events, and find some solution to the epidemic of white terrorism that still exists in the United States.

Black & Yellow  

To heal our hearts and minds, we decided to watch one of our favorite film franchises of all time, "RUSH HOUR".

[image credit: wikipedia.com]

[image credit: wikipedia.com]

Rush Hour is one of those classic movies that was formulated during the late nineties that tried to prove that despite cultural differences, we can work together to fight the injustice in the world. However, we carefully explain that this movie, though our fav, is super problematic, and should have been scrapped during its inception. Despite the multiple discrepancies of this whole franchise (which grossed over $850 million worldwide) it still holds a place in our hearts, and match our black-and-yellow friendship. Below is the trailer for the first film, and one of our favorite scenes in the whole movie.   

Song of the Week

Angie: PRETTYMUCH “Would You Mind”

Gucci Mane ft. Chris Brown “Tone It Down”

Ton: Christina Milian "Dip It Low" 

Stay woke y’all, and we will see you next time.

Chamomile Tea