Episode 3 Recap: "Reclaiming My Time"

Hello everyone to this week’s episode of The Twilight Zone… ugh we mean Chamomile Tea! This has been a long week in terms of politics, global affairs, and overall madness, but just like everyone else on this planet, we are struggling to find the silver lining that is sanity. Especially when you hear our crazy asses trying (emphasis on trying) to detail and comprehend all of the events that have occurred this week.  Trust us, it’s hard for us not to turn a corner on the street and see Rod Serling pop out of nowhere like….

"WHAT'S GOOD!"...but like High School Musical once stated, we are all in this together in this fuckery of a mess...or something like that. However, let’s keep it moving...

Beyonce News

According to the twitter account “The Bey Hive” (which Ton thinks is an exclusive place for all things Beyonce), it has been alleged that Beyonce will be releasing the Formation: World Tour documentary special soon. Stated from “The Bey Hive,” the documentary will focus on the Beyonce’s Formation: World Tour that she embarked on last year in 2016, and also showcase many important topics that include her family life, the black lives matter movement, and the backlash she received after the release of her song Formation for it’s political imagery. However, it should be pointed out that this is a rumor (Angie made sure that this Beyonce news report was alleged), but the release of a Formation World Tour DVD is anticipated by Angie, Ton, and the rest of the Beyhive.

Link to source: http://bit.ly/2uM89P2



For this week’s weary, we break down the events of the Skinny Repeal, Present 45’s outbursts at the Boy Scouts of America Jamboree speech, North Korea’s threats, and Auntie Maxine Walters bad ass.

Skinny Repeal

If you aren’t caught up with the news, the Skinny Repeal is not a trendy low calorie drink you get from an exclusive trendy Soho cafe. The Skinny Repeal was a plan created by senate Republicans to pass a “skinny”  repeal of the Affordable Care Act — which would leave about 44 million people without insurance in 10 years. However, our messy queen of the week, John McCain but an end to all of this. Mitch McConnell the Senate Majority leader ,or Franklin the Turtle as Angie puts it, was ready to get into motion of getting this Skinny Repeal over with.

After months of talks, and weeks negotiating of getting the bill forward, it suddenly died faster than Keri Hilson’s career. The end was unexpected and dramatic, as McConnell the turtle watched Senator McCain walk to the center of the Senate floor and turn his thumb down to vote “no.” CNN has an in depth look of all of the major senators faces on the floor. Here is the link:


Meanwhile…. Ms. Obamacare is here like:

(Link to original creator of this joke: http://bit.ly/2vzmcVy)

North Korea

North Korea is currently testing missiles , which is considered by many news sources  as a potential threat. Unlike the other warnings North Korea has given in the past to the United States and South Korea, these threats are being taken more seriously due to new information of North Korea’s surprisingly advanced weaponry. The event of North Korea launching a missile to either South Korea and the United States mainland has put many people on guard, including North Korea’s allies like China. In the event of an attack, here is a useful video just in case :

Links to source: 



Trump’s Boy Scouts of America Jamboree Speech:

Yeah, we are are still confuse of whatever the freudian slip mess that was that speech.

Couple of things… HUH?! Here are the highlight of the speech that should not be addressed to the Boy Scouts of America:

  • “Who the hell wants to speak about politics” (which was stated in the first two minutes of the speech.)  

  • Trump labeling Washington D.C the “sewer.”  

  • Threatening Tom Price’s job if congress didn’t pass the GOP health care bill. (WELL...okay)

  • Criticism of  Hillary Clinton’s work ethic during the 2016 campaign trail.

  • The idea and discussion of “fake news.”  

  • And the classic diss at former President Barack Obama.

Auntie Maxine Waters handling her damn business

Auntie Maxine ain’t here to play with these political string cheese fuck boys in power. If you don’t know, The Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin was testifying before the House Financial Services Committee on the State of the International Financial System. As one of  the ranking members on the committee, Auntie Maxine was the first to question Secretary Steve Mnuchin after the Chairman's remarks and she cut right to the chase. And let’s just say...we are saying “Reclaiming our Time” for the rest of forever.


In our new section titled ‘Throwback,” we look back in the past and talk in detail of our favorite things in popular culture that had a defined impact in our present day lives. And guess what?


We are excited that one of our favorite Disney Channel icons is back on the television screen. Even though we have different opinions on the show, and Raven Symone in general, we are still dealing with major nostalgia with Raven's comeback.

Song of the Week

Ton: Down by Fifth Harmony   

Angie: Cho Wavy De Gomenne by JP the Wavy

Thanks everyone for this messy week, and even messier episode. Please stay tuned for our next episode! Meanwhile, stay connected to all of our social media accounts, and be on the loop that is Chamomile Tea. Stay out of the Twilight Zone in the meantime!  

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