Episode 2 Recap: "Black and Yellow"

 Hello all you beautiful people! Here it is, the Episode two recap. Let’s go!

This week, Angie and Ton sat down to talk about something that is important in their lives: their identities. “Black and Yellow” is a new and recurring segment where Angie and Ton find the differences and similarities of their “black and yellow” experience in America, and find the humor in it all. When comparing and contrasting Angie’s Black American identity, and Ton’s first generation Asian experience, topics in this conversation include parental expectations, family dynamics, and POC excellence.

We then move on to our “Weary” segment, where Angie and Ton discuss the most important weary they’ve handled so far: men ain’t shit. After hearing about the recent news allegations against R. Kelly, Usher, and Kevin Hart (links below), they sit down and discuss the inequality and violence against women, and rant about the double standard that exists.

Link to R. Kelly allegation: http://bzfd.it/2geJ22G

Link to Usher’s news: http://on-ajc.com/2xmkGrU

Link to Kevin Hart rumor:


Lastly, the duo talk about current love situations, following Angie’s story of seeing an Asian teenage boy trying to get a white teenage girl to like him, all in a Starbucks. They discuss their discrepancies dating at people of color, and express their concerns about problematic and sexist behavior that exists.

Songs of the week: 

Angie: "Pay Me" by Veronica Vega


Ton: "Selfish" by Asia Cruise

Thanks so much for tuning in for the second episode. Please be on the lookout for more updates from Chamomile Tea. Until next time….kisses!

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