Hey world, It's Chamomile Tea!

Welcome to the official Chamomile Tea blog! Chamomile Tea is a podcast hosted by Ton-Do Nguyen and Angie Jones. Chamomile Tea was started to monitor culture and to create art based on the world around us.  This includes everything to podcast episodes, scripted content, and also a blog!

We plan on expanding this blog to discuss our ideas that aren’t fully addressed in our podcast episodes. Some future blog posts include

·         Specific things in popular culture (that most people don’t analyze)

·         Identity & Race Issues

·         Current state of affairs with politics

·         The current state of the Beyoncé & Jay-Z children

Please come back to this section and see our updated thoughts on the current topics in the world. Chamomile Tea is more than a podcast, we are brand. Some y’all bitches can’t even spell B R A N D.

Chamomile Tea