Episode 1 Recap: "Everything is Chaka with the Carters"

Hello boo-boo kitties, and all you beautiful folk out there! As you can see, CHAMOMILE TEA’S FIRST EPISODE HAS BEEN RELEASED. We have been working non-stop for the release of this podcast, and we want to thank everyone who has been here since day one. If you are late, and now joining us, y’all are late but welcome to the party.

Before we step into the specifics of our first episode's content, Chamomile Tea would also like to address our Rich Chigga Feels promo video. The “Rich Chigga Feels” video was directed, written, and produced by the very own Chamomile Tea team: Ton & Angie. In the video, we would like to thank the many great people who helped us during production. This includes actors Jake Robbins, Kira Leiva, Amanda Solange Padilla, Barot Arjunita, Morgan Cunning, and Brandon Richards. Not only were these actors amazing and talented, but they were also patient and kind. If you bump into any of these actors in any audition room, we highly recommend for anyone to work with them! As well, we have to thank our long time collaborator Kamana Kamkwalala who worked as our Director of Photography. Lastly, thank you to Paige Lecomer for being a fantastic Sound Mixer. This was all a team effort, so Chamomile Tea would love to give thanks to everyone that was involved on this project. As well, Rich Chigga Feels was also watched by the rapper himself! Meaning that Rich Chigga has seen the amazing work done by these great people! This is an amazing start, so all we have to say is THANK YOU!


Now to the first episode….

In this first episode we break down the core of who Chamomile Tea is, and what we stand for. As we’ll always state everywhere, we are two up and coming artists who decided to make this podcast to voice our opinions about the world around us. With this podcast, we hope it is a vehicle to bigger opportunities for us. For Ton, it’s building our version of Roc Nation. For Angie, it’s recreating the Kardashian-Jenner empire, except with no sex tapes, plastic surgery, male curses, and stealing.  

We also talked about our favorite person on this earth, Beyoncé, and her glamorous photo with her newborn twins. We also didn’t forget about Blue Ivy, the original OG from Beyonce’s womb.

We move on to a deep discussion about Jay-Z’s new album 4:44, and the impact that this body of work has showcased.

We then move on to our “Weary” segment, which is when we discuss major news stories, current issues, or breaking news that makes us “weary of the ways of the world.”

This week, Ton discusses his issues with white liberals poking fun of Asian identity. Angie breaks down a news topic about a Comfort Women Memorial in Atlanta being moved to a different location due to complaints. From the articles mentioned on this episode, here are the links below:





Lastly, we then comment on the XXL Freshmen Class of 2017. For those who don’t know what the XXL Freshmen Class is, it is a list created by XXL, a hip hop magazine. The issue features ten artists-to-watch, all appearing on the cover of the magazine. The list has a history of showcasing unknown/underground rappers, as well as artists considered to be on the rise. The list creates significant buzz among listeners and artists alike, and is credited for giving many artists their first taste of fame.

We had some…. thoughts. To see the freshmen class of this year, here are the links to the cyphers.

Again, this is our first episode, so we are all figuring it all out.

Welcome to our world, it’s getting bigger and better. Every episode is released every Sunday at noon, so be on the lookout in the upcoming weeks!


Chamomile Tea