Hey gang! It's Angie here taking over this blog post. As you all may know from our last episode, I am obsessed with boy bands. Although Boy Bands in pop culture are the ultimate Greek tragedy, they are the most entertaining pop vehicle. That being said, if this "Being the next Oprah" thing doesn't work out, I've decided to take the reigns of the dusty white male music executive, and become the next music creative director. I've studied boy bands since I was five years old, and I think I know how to work the model of the boy band. Don't believe me? Check out my presentation below of how I would work the heck out of these young little boys with pop dreams. You work for Sony Music? Call me for your next boy band. We'll sell out Madison Square Garden in two to three years tops. 

Below are the boy bands I have mentioned in the presentation. I included their top song, and their live performance. I can't say all of them are great because I am shady, but you be the judge for yourself. 



Because I am shady with Why Don't We, I provided best and worst performances. 

Best - 

Worst - 

In Real Life 

BTS - 

Citizen Four - 


PRETTYMUCH gets two examples of their live performances because it was hard to choose one. 

To hear more opinions on Boy Bands, listen to our last episode wehere we broke down the whole landscape. 

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