Episode 11 Recap: "The Boy Band Renaissance"

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Obviously if you clicked this link to this blog post, you know it's time for the Chamomile Tea recap blog. This week episode, we discussed about a topic that was dear to Angie’s heart: Boy Bands. The rise of the new boy band era is here, and Ton and Angie brought social media personality, comedian, and close friend Tré Allison to bring back to life sick harmonies, pretty boys dancing, and how the music industry is ready to make a whole lot of money off teenage girls. This episode’s topic was introduced by a recent Vulture article that Angie felt was necessary to bring up due to it’s exciting matter (Ton didn’t think it was that exciting). If you don’t like Boy Bands, you just have to get used to it, because they are coming back with a hard vengeance. Angie wants to make sure you know that dance breakdowns will be coming back.

Here are some core topics that were brought in this week’s episode:

  • We list the top groups that are on the radar that might gain immediate attraction in the upcoming year. These groups include PRETTYMUCH, Why Don’t We, CNCO, Citizen Four, and In Real Life.

  • We all ask as a group, why do we come back to the boy band phase in pop music? What eras struck gold, and which just flopped badly? What makes the pop vehicle of the boy band so useful (or manipulative) in the pop industry?

  • We go into detail about how the boy band will work in the digital era. How will digital attraction will benefit (or harm) these upcoming boy groups?

  • Is the boy band model old and overused? How can we reinvent the boy band model?

To find out more on this episode, and hear epic breakdown vocals of epic boy band classics, listen to our full episode! Check us out on ItunesStitcher, and on Soundcloud.

Songs of the Week:


Dance With Me - 112 

All I Want - DaniLeigh 


NSYNC - Bye Bye Bye

One Direction - Night Changes

PrettyMuch - Teacher

Be on the look out for more content coming out soon! Stay safe out there folks. 

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