Episode 12 Recap: "I'm From Atlanta"

Episode 12.png

We ran out of clever ways to welcome you all to the post, so whatever we are gonna make this short and quick. In last  week’s episode, we talk about Angie’s favorite thing in the whole world next to Beyonce: her hometown Atlanta. To help bring in the ATL fun, the duo brought their friend and special guest Essaí Flores , who is also from Atlanta. Topics in this episode include  

  • Beyonce’s announcement that she will join the cast of the live-action remake of “The Lion King,”

  • Tthe discussion of what type of Atlanta “rat bitch” Angie and Essai are (and what type Ton would be), and most importantly…

  • Issues that stem from the flawed sex education and health in Atlanta.

Songs of the Week -   

Angie -

Zayn  - BoRdErZ

Ton -  

N.E.R.D ft. Rihanna  - Lemon

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