Episode 10 Recap: "The Emancipation of Miss Angeline"


It’s the time of the week where we tell all of the lovers (and haters) to listen  to our recent episode. That’s right y’all - IT’S THE EPISODE RECAP. This week we get intimate with the conversation about love - which is something that Angie can’t stand. If you didn’t guess by the episode title by now, it’s all about Angie’s love life, which is also something she can’t stand. Ton finally sits down with Angie to discuss issues that deal with her dating as a woman of color, the ongoing misogyny she encounters, and how her southern upbringing sets her up for failure. Here are some highlighted points that came around this episode

  • Angie details that her failure with men deals with the fact that she picks guys that don’t respect her feelings, and at her inner core, she is also petty and extra.

  • Angie informs Ton that her opening up to sentimental issues (love, etc) makes her uncomfortable- especially when it involves intimacy.

  • The overall conversation about dating as a black woman, and what that means with contemporary dating styles.

  • Ton gives a detailed sermon about Miss Angeline, which you didn't know from the title, is a reference to her vagina (which is also something she can't stand.)  

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