Chamomile Tea


Remember the kid who made the shot-by-shot remake of “Countdown” by Beyoncé in a blue Snuggie? Do you know any black woman that gets upset when you don’t know Rihanna’s top hits as well as the plight of Flint citizens? Well, take that kid in a Snuggie and that black woman, and you have a podcast called CHAMOMILE TEA.

CHAMOMILE TEA is a podcast that centers on what it means to be in the intersection in America. Ton, an openly gay Asian man, and Angie, a proud black woman, come together to discuss specific issues that dwell in current landscapes in the entertainment industry, popular culture, political/social spheres, interpersonal relationship, and the Internet.

CHAMOMILE TEA strives to create a more diverse conversation about contemporary POC life by bringing on other POC artists and allies who all strive to create space for all people.

…and talk about Beyoncé’s wigs on the side.